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Collectors of fine tribal art, including African art, Aboriginal
art from Australia, Arctic art and Native American art, share a common appreciation of the cultural roots from which each object emerges. Each object's value lies in its relationship to tribal ceremonies, beliefs, and rituals that are part of tribal life and its aesthetic appeal.

While there are hundreds of thousands of tribal artifacts available, few objects qualify as 'fine art'. You will find them in museums, in private collections, and in a few galleries that act as facilitators between the sources and the art collectors attracted to them.
Aboriginals: Art of the First Person is privileged to play a role on the world wide web.

Sometimes the story behind an object is known and documented. Sometimes it requires research, supposition, or a touch of faith. As longtime collectors,
Susanne and William Waites, proprietors of Aboriginals: Art of the First Person, have studied these stories for years and continue their research through every available source, including travel to the places this work originates and visitations with the people who create it.

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