#Di09 Alaska / Athabascan

Carving, old tusk, musk ox
It is .75" x 1" *

Leonard Savage

Through his artwork, Leonard Savage creates a unique view of his life. Born in Holy Cross, Alaska, Leonard grew up with summer days of continuous sunlight. He speaks of exploring the wilderness where the Yukon River flowed.

Then there were the long nights of winter with penetrating cold. One stayed inside and listened to the stories told by tribal elders about the days the only transport was by dog sleds and boats.

Leonard and his siblings were disbursed to "civilization" as the church convinced parents there was no place for native traditions in a modern world. At 12, Leonard and the family moved to Anchrorage.

Leonard had to adapt to a new lifestyle, one with many problems. During the process, Leonard realized his artistic impulses would provide a way to accommodate his new life. He discovered his skills at carving when younger. He started carving bone, antler, stone, and walrus tusk (remaining from native food hunts).

The latter became the material of choice for his very detailed work. Leonard shows us what it was like to grow up amongst the wildlife of his youth. Thus, does Leonard share Alaska with us, his eager patrons.


* All carvings containing marine mammal parts
will only be shipped within the United States.

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