The Navajo Gallery:

Perhaps the most popular genre
of Navajo art is "folk art",
which currently appears in
significant numbers

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This colorful representation of Navajo (Dine') culture and of the domestic and exotic animals
of the world has it own charm and humor.
From chickens to pigs to zebras and hippos,
it is almost impossible to hold or look at these works without generating a smile and special respect for the carver.

Among the more popular of these Navajo artists are Les Herbert, Edith John. Marvin Jim and
Matthew Yellowman.

To view Zuni beaded figures, click on the beaded horse image below.

Delbert Buck, Navajo folk art cart with Santa Claus
DF66 - Delbert Buck

Marvin Jim, Navajo, carved wood, 10pc Nativity scene
TWPN48 - Marvin JIm

Edith John, Navajo folk art chicken in yellow
DJ71 - Edith John

Navajo Edith John folk art chicken with bronze paint
DK25 - Edith John

Navajo Chandler Begay folk art chicken in blue
DK20 - Chandler Begay

An Edith John 'old glory' flag owl stands at attention
DJ41 - Edith John

Navajo Edith John folk art chicken in white with blue widjets
DK23 - Edith John

Edith John Navo folk art chicken in purple
DK24 - Edith John

Dennis Tom Navajo cowboy filk chicken in boots and hat
DC44 - Dennis Tom

Sarah Benally nesting chicken folk art
DK16 - Sarah Benally

- Edith John

Marvin Jim Navajo folk art rooster
CX23 - Marvin Jim

Navajo mama raven folk art carving by Ray Lansing
DJ89 - Ray Lansing

Navajo mama raven carving in a cream babushka
DJ88 - Ray Lansing

Ray Lansing Navajo raven folk art with blue scarf
DJ87 - Ray Lansing

Marvin Jim raven
DJ36 - Marvin Jim

A blue folk art pig by Navajo Joshua John
DJ39 - Joshua Johnson

Ivetta Sherman Navajo folk art horse
DJ81 - Ivetta Sherman

Chandler Begay Navajo bucking horse in folk carving
DK12 - Chandler Begay

Al Lewis Navajo horse carved in bucking position
DK09 - Al Lewis

Navajo Al Lewis horse
DK10 - Al Lewis

Peter Ray James fabric totem Navajo  yei
DK05 - Peter Ray James

Peter Ray James Navajo fabric totem Navajo yei
DK06 - Peter Ray James

DK38 - Peter Ray James

DK37 - Peter Ray James

Berlin Lansing
DC66 - Berlin Lansing

Navajo carved wood animal totem by Berlin Lansing
DC67 - Berlin Lansing

Berlin Lansing Navajo animal totem carving
DC05 - Berlin Lansing

Navajo yei figure carving by Dennis Pioche
DF43 - Dennis Pioche

Dance rattle in buffalo effigy by Navajos Marvin Jim and Grace Begay
DJ17 - Marvin Jim / Grace Begay

Bear effigy dance rattle carved by Navajos Marvin Jim and Grace Begay
DJ18 - Marvin Jim / Grace Begay

Navajo Jimmy Harvey alabaster Indian figure on wood handle and base
DJ16 - Jimmy Harvey

Alabaster Indian figure attached to natural wood handle and hand-made base
DJ15 - Jimmy Harvey

Navajo folk art figure of bull-riding Indian rodeo contestant, by renowned Delbert Buck
DF67 - Delbert Buck

Navajo Delbert Buck folk art  of grandma riding a flag flying motorcycle and sidecar
D808 - Delbert Buck

Whimsy takes over in this giraffe mountfor a Delbert Buck Navajo rider
DJ38 - Delbert Buck

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