Native American Room:
Authentic Native American
Indian art, from pueblo pottery
to Navajo sculpture and Inuit
carvings, hand-selected to
reflect accomplishments from
American Indian artists.

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Hopi plaque basket

Hopi bird rattle



Hopi coil basket


Hopi coil basket

B011 - Hopi

C901 - Hopi

D947 - Cayuga

Cayuga Indian sculpture of Indian in canoe with harvese of pelts

DC16 - Mohawk

DD40 - Iroquois

Di21 - Onondaga

DF24 - Mohawk

Seminole Indian baskets

Seminole Indian sweetgrass basket
B624 - Seminole

Seminole Indian sweetgrass basket
B625 - Seminole

B626 - Seminole

Seminole Indian sweetgrass basket
B627 - Seminole

B628 - Seminole

Zuni Wood Carvings

Lasiloo Zuni Crow Maiden carving
DG97 - Zuni

Lasiloo Zuni owl shalako carving
DH03 -Zuni

DK03 - Zuni

Other Native American Arts

B182 - Tohono O'odham

DD43 - Unconfirmed

Cree Ojibway pipebag
E274 Cree-Ojibway

E725 - Menominee

T056 -Menominee

DB93 - Southern Cheyenne

DD28 - Southern Cheyenne

DD46 - Unconfirmed

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